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Who is Sheppard Studios? Why choose Sheppard Studios? We are dedicated to the production of professional, unique, audio solutions at any budget. Let us help on make your project successful, no matter how big or small. For musical examples, refer to our Music Page! If you need an audio solution, or would like a spec demo, feel free to contact us for more information!


Imagine your project, with an emotional, unique, theme-driven soundtrack. From epic, orchestral battle scenes, to the hip hop beats of the inner city, no score is out of reach!


The perfect SFX go unnoticed in a seamless environment. Let us shape your world with custom audio effects from subtle to BOOMING!


Stationed just outside of Houston, there is a large pool of voice talent ready to be added into your project!

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2013 Demo Reel

I just put together my 2013 Demo Reel! I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed writing it. As with all things, I only hope this year can be more lucrative than the one before! Thanks for your... Read more

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